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Goal Setting Games For Kids


Goal setting games for kids, is it important? Why is it essential to introduce goal and goal setting related activities including goal setting games for kids? There are some reasons for answering that question.

The Purpose Of Setting Goal For Kids

First, goal set the purpose of life. Goal setting activities such as games, making goal planner and etc are the beginning for kids to learn that there is something to achieve in life. By having strong sense of purposes in their life, children would be more confidence and aware of what he should do to accomplish his purposes or goals.

Second, goal setting games for kids is a good way to make them focus. Once children know what they want to get, they will be more focus to plan and make strategics steps they need to take. In this process, kids would also learn priority. Since they decide themselves what they want to get, they will be aware of supportive and destructive points that will affect him.

Third and the last, Goal Setting Games For Kids make them motivated. It does not only apply to kids, adult find that goals make them being motivated to do their best. Goal ignites people spirit to life. Some say that when you have no goal, it means your life is meaningless.

Goal Setting Games For Kids

Introducing goal setting for kids cannot be complicated. Setting goal for kids definitely needs different process to adults. Start from the very simplest thing, for example is goal of being able to sleep in their room for a week. Such goal is the simplest example for kids about what is goal and why it should be accomplished. Here are some Goal Setting Games For Kids that can be useful:

  • Draw your goal. Children love drawing. Drawing could be an effective goal setting games for kids since it is a fun activity that won’t make them bored. Parents’ help is very much needed to play this game. Provide a piece of paper and crayon. The game starts by giving some question related to goal, such as “what do you want to do for your next test?” “Is there anything you want to pursue for nearest time?” The answer given is not in oral form but drawing. Do not forget to stick out the drawing in place your children easy to notice so that he/she will remember his/her goal.
  • Goal board games. Other goal setting games for kids is a board game; however the game is not the same with the usual board games. Goal board games is kind of procedure your children need to go through before arriving at the last point, which is the main goal. Board game teaches kids that in order to achieve their goal, they need to make a set of plan and strategy.
  • Goal setting tips for kids. Helping your kids in setting attainable short or long term goal can help them set their path for future. Although goal setting activities for kids cannot be made same as to adults, there are some general point can be applied in setting goal. Here is the list:
  • Find strong points. Before setting goal, parents should be aware of the strong and weak points their children have. Knowing children’ strengths and weaknesses can help parents and the children easily identify attainable goal for them to work on.
  • Create a plan. As what has been mention in board game as effective goal setting games for kids, in order to arrive at the final goal, it needs plan. Here, once the goal has been set, what you need to do as parents is to assist your children to create further plan to achieve it.
  • Create a timeline. There should be a deadline for accomplishing a goal; that is the challenging part. Help your kids make a timeline that understandably lists every part of the plan out and date it should be achieved.

  • Celebrate success. Celebrating victories, even a little one will inspired your child to make and accomplished goals. They will feel motivated to do more Goal Setting Games For Kids as well as appreciated by the small celebration you give.

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