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Goal Setting for Elementary Student

Teaching about goal setting for elementary student is not easy thing. It requires high creativity of teachers or adults because elementary student is very young and unstable age. However, it doesn’t mean that it is so that difficult. By doing some advice below, adults, especially teacher can guide how to reach goal setting for elementary student.

1. Giving reward and punishment

While in the process reaching goal setting, students must have done the best effort and sometimes they even make mistakes. Adults should not keep silent toward this.

Every consequence of each effort must be appreciated. For best effort, it can be given reward and for the mistake, it can given punishment. However, make sure that the reward and punishment have spirit raise. Especially for the punishment, don’t give hard punishment which lower mental.

2. Exploring the student skill to can reach the goal

Everyone is unique so they have unique way to make them self happy. Each elementary student has unique way too for reaching the goal setting. Among of some unique ways, there is the best way that make the student happy and ease the process of reaching the goal setting. Exploring the student skill is one way to know it. Don’t force the students to show the skill, but stimulate them can be better method to explore thir skill.

3. Finding out the difficulties and obstacle

Every process has its diffculties. Adults must tell about it to elementary students in order to give them explanation that the difficulties must be solved, not ignored. Ask to them what the difficulties and obstacle while doing the reaching goal setting process. But, not only by asking, adults must invite them to find out the solution of difficulties and obstacles.

4. Making a worksheet to report and evaluate the process

It’s very necessary for adult especially teacher to make the worksheet to report and evaluate the reaching goal setting process. From this worksheet, adults can decide what should they do to guide the elementary students increase the progress.

Well, by practicing these advise, adults especially teacher can be good mentor to reach goal setting for elementary student.


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