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Goal Setting Activities With Children

Why Is Goal Setting Activities For Kids Important?

Kids who possess dream will do better than those who do not. Whether it is sport, academic or personal goal, it makes them motivated. So, introducing goal setting activities for kids is a necessity. Listen to your kids talk about their dream, and if appropriate, help them to set their own goal. It is children’s nature to dream about many things, however, some of them may be unrealistic. Here, parents’ role is to make them understand what goal is and make them encouraged in make it real.

Goals are limitless; it can be linked to any aspects of life. Your kids may want to have better score in Math exam or he would like to be the winner for the next run race. In setting goal, either for kids or adults, it needs to be specific. Although at the end your kids could not make their goal comes true, at least they have learned about planning, goal setting and he would be able to come with new better strategy.


Activities In Goal Setting Activities For Kids

Sometimes goal setting activities for kids could be so hard. Since it is their nature to be easily bored, parents should create fun activities to inspire them to make their own list of goals. Here are some activities for examples:

  • Dream Book. A scrap-book of dream, is a very conventional activities in setting goal for kids. Although it is quite conventional, making their own scrap-book about their goal would definitely become interesting activity. Parents’ assistance here are to find inspiring pictures, help them cut it out and place them on the scrap book. With a good visualization, goal setting activities for kids becomes more joyful.
  • Dream Board. Besides a dream book, making a dream board could be categorized into goal setting activities for kids. If the dream book is in the form of scrap book for their reading material, a dream board could be a good reminder for kids; how much progress they have done in order achieving their goal. Buy a bulletin board and then decorate them as striking as possible to catch your children’ attention.

Since goal setting activities for kids are considered to be something new, parents should not necessarily emphasize on the achievement kids could make, but the process. Like how parents used to teach them using potty, we want goal become habit to them. The idea of introducing kids to goal setting activities is to make them familiar of setting long-term frame of mind for thinking, planning and taking action to achieve result.

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